A photograph of Google Ads Specialist Erin Haywood.

I'm Erin Haywood, Google Ads Specialist.

About me

As a Google Ads specialist for small and mid-sized businesses, I help entrepreneurs and their teams confidently use Google Ads to reach their profitable Return On Investment (ROI) goals.

That means getting consistent sales and leads from your ads, and not just clicks on them.

I’m honest and transparent in my approach, and I’m passionate about supporting authentic businesses that deserve to be seen and grow.

I’m a certified
Google Partner

That means:
  • I’ve passed Google’s tests,
  • managed at least $10,000 USD in ad spend in the past 90 days for my clients,
  • and maintained an 70% “Optimisation score” within each of these accounts.

Working with a Google Partner provides you with peace of mind that the person you’re working with has proven experience in managing client accounts. You can see some of my success stories here.

A little more
about me…

A photograph of Google Ads Specialist Erin Haywood.

I never intended to work in marketing let alone become a Google Ads specialist! I started my first job as a copywriter because I loved to write (and still do; I have a personal blog and a seemingly never-ending book-writing project).


Working for myself gives me the freedom to work with businesses and people that I can wholeheartedly support and promote.


My favourite part of my job is connecting with great people and learning about and supporting the businesses that they’re so passionate about.


Besides being a word nerd,  I'm a bit of a numbers and data nerd too, which is probably why I've ended up here!

My values

No-BS Google Ads

I am open and honest, and I don’t make baseless claims about your performance or potential in Google Ads. Not only do I want to do right by my clients and to see their great businesses grow, but also numbers don’t lie. I set realistic goals and determine if those goals are being met by analysing your data, and every decision I make in Google Ads is based on that data and your goals.

Growth mindset

Google Ads is an ever-evolving platform, and I don’t pretend to know every technique. The possibilities are endless! But I’m always learning and expanding my existing knowledge and skills, keeping up to date as the platform changes and building on my own techniques and strategies, so I can continue to help my clients improve their ROI.


I love working with good people, and I want you to love working with us, too. That means I treat everyone with respect, I genuinely listen to what you have to say, and I want you to feel entirely comfortable and at ease in every interaction with me. I’m the expert in Google Ads, but I know you’re the expert when it comes to your business and customers. Working together helps me to achieve the best possible results.

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What my clients say

Erin's approach is methodical and data-driven, paying attention to the correct setup of analytics and conversion tracking and the subsequent monitoring and analysis of reports to drive audience targeting and ad content choices. Erin is highly skilled in the process and technologies of online advertising and approaches the task with integrity, honesty and a genuine desire to deliver positive results.

Tom Cameron


For over two years, Erin has been our trusted partner in Google Ads, and her straightforward and results-driven approach is truly invaluable. In one of our accounts, she not only doubled our lead count within the same budget but also significantly improved lead quality. Erin's expertise has had a remarkable impact on our campaigns.

Dan Scanlan

A Head Start / Amazing Education

Erin Haywood is a must for any business looking to grow their online brand and sales. We highly recommend Erin; she used Google Ads to effectively distribute our message to different target audiences and has had continued success achieving profitable conversions. Erin is a pleasure to work with.

Mike Walsh & Natalie Walsh

Walsh Gates

It's been clear from the start that Erin genuinely cares about our success. She takes the time to understand our business, explains her strategies clearly, and provides transparency about our ad spend and ROI. Her enthusiasm in sharing good results is infectious. Having an ads manager who genuinely cares brings us tremendous peace of mind.

Penbe Durdu