We're not your average Google Ads agency

Making search engine marketing profitable and stress free for small & medium businesses.

With the right Google Ads Agency, you should never have to wonder if your Google Ads marketing is profitable.

That's because Google Ads provides something a lot of forms of marketing can’t: actual return on investment (ROI) data, and with this, clarity, control and peace of mind.

When you work with us, we don't just launch campaigns and shoot monthly reports on how many clicks they received. Because what does that tell you about your profitability in Google Ads?

We believe in a deeper level of engagement. From the get-go, we work with you to set concrete ROI targets, ensuring we have a mutual understanding of what successful Google advertising looks like for your business.

The aim is not just to achieve, but to surpass these ROI benchmarks.

Drawing on years' of experience and continuous training, we'll either equip you with proven techniques to reach these targets yourself, or do it for you.

Feel free to reach out at any time to learn more.

Our difference:

  • Clear direction: You’ll know exactly how your Google Ads budget is being spent – as well as what to expect from it – because we’ll set realistic return on investment goals informed by your data from the start.
  • Transparent & jargon-free: We're clear about your account’s performance and explain exactly what’s going on, using jargon-free language you’ll understand. You’ll have access to regular 1-on-1 meetings with us, unlimited email support, and comprehensive (but clear) reports you can view at any time.
  • Focussed on meaningful results: We're interested in getting sales and leads for your business – we're not so interested in metrics such as clicks. We want to know that your Google Ads efforts are achieving a profitable ROI.
  • Honest service: Not every business is ready to use Google Ads. It’s not a fix-all solution; it’s best when supporting well-converting businesses ready to reach more of their people. That means if we don’t think Google Ads is the right solution for you right now, we’ll tell you.  

Our services

Google Ads account management

We will create and manage your Google Ads account to perform in line with your return on investment goals. We can achieve and maintain your profitability goals, or scale our strategies and approach to help you grow. Whenever you’re satisfied with your consistent monthly ROI in Google Ads, you can choose to adopt a lower maintenance management fee.

Google Ads account set-up & ongoing support

In two 4-hour sessions, work one-on-one with Erin to create or renew a Google Ads account for your business geared to achieve your return on investment goals. These sessions are followed by 12 consecutive weeks of unlimited email support and monthly one-on-one calls with Erin at no additional cost.

One-on-one Google Ads workshop

Book a one-on-one call with Erin to get your Google Ads marketing back on track, whether you need to troubleshoot an issue, refine your strategy, or identify your next best move.

Google Ads self-paced courses

Google Ads for Beginners is a self-paced, fully online course supported by 12 months’ access to our live Q&A platform. You can complete the course on your own terms with the valuable benefit of personalised support from us whenever you need it.

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Why use Google Ads?

Get in front of people actually looking for what you have to offer

With well-optimised Google Ads campaigns, you can show up in front of the many, many people who are looking for you, even though they’ve never heard of you before. You can advertise your goods and services to people who are actually ready (and looking) to buy them – instead of vying for attention from people mindlessly browsing the internet.

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You only pay for results within your own set budget

Google Ads is a pay-per-click digital advertising platform, often shortened to ‘PPC’. As the name implies, PPC advertising means you only pay any time your ad is clicked on, and you get to choose how many times this can happen by setting your own daily budget limit in Google Ads.

It’s measurable

Google Ads offers you something that a lot of forms of marketing can’t: tangible data on your return on investment (ROI), and with that, clarity and peace of mind. When your systems are set up properly, you can see how much you spend on your ads, and you can see the value that budget returns through new business leads and sales.

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What my clients say

Erin's approach is methodical and data-driven, paying attention to the correct setup of analytics and conversion tracking and the subsequent monitoring and analysis of reports to drive audience targeting and ad content choices. Erin is highly skilled in the process and technologies of online advertising and approaches the task with integrity, honesty and a genuine desire to deliver positive results.

Tom Cameron


For over two years, Erin has been our trusted partner in Google Ads, and her straightforward and results-driven approach is truly invaluable. In one of our accounts, she not only doubled our lead count within the same budget but also significantly improved lead quality. Erin's expertise has had a remarkable impact on our campaigns.

Dan Scanlan

A Head Start / Amazing Education

Erin Haywood is a must for any business looking to grow their online brand and sales. We highly recommend Erin; she used Google Ads to effectively distribute our message to different target audiences and has had continued success achieving profitable conversions. Erin is a pleasure to work with.

Mike Walsh & Natalie Walsh

Walsh Gates

It's been clear from the start that Erin genuinely cares about our success. She takes the time to understand our business, explains her strategies clearly, and provides transparency about our ad spend and ROI. Her enthusiasm in sharing good results is infectious. Having an ads manager who genuinely cares brings us tremendous peace of mind.

Penbe Durdu