Google Ads strategy workshop

Google Ads account strategy workshop

Review your Google Ads campaigns with an Ads expert

Get to know Google Ads better

You know your way around Google Ads, and have even used it to the benefit of your business. But you know there’s room for improvement and you’re ready to take that next step, or you know that something’s not working as it used to, and you can’t work out why.

Book a one-on-one call with Erin to get your Google Ads marketing back on track, whether you need to troubleshoot an issue, refine your strategy, or identify your next best move. 

Erin conducts these personalised sessions via Video chat and invite you to determine the primary focus of the workshop. After the session, you will receive a recording and a detailed summary documenting key takeaways.

Why us?

Work directly with a dedicated strategist

We only work with a handful of clients at a time, so we can give you and your Google Ads marketing the in-depth attention that it deserves.

We're honest and transparent

Google Ads is complex and ever-evolving, and each account contains enough optimization options to keep a person busy for several lifetimes. So we don’t pretend to know it all. We apply what we have learned through years’ experience in Google Ads to achieve your set Cost Per Lead or Return On Investment goals, and we keep you up to date with what we’re doing at all times.

We’re experienced

For more than 5 years, Erin has experimented with and fine-tuned specific techniques in Google Ads to best achieve Cost Per Lead or Return On Investment goals for businesses in several industries. She’s familiar with industry best practices and strategies and tricks for optimal account creation, ensuring you can have the best start in Google Ads without the wasted spend.

We keep up to date with the latest in PPC

The pay-per-click advertising world is constantly changing; We keep up through Google’s and PPC-industry leaders’ content, webinars, social media channels and groups. We also maintain Google qualifications and partake in annual Google Ads workshops and training.

What’s included:

Pre-workshop questionnaire

You’ll complete a pre-workshop questionnaire, so that we can get a good idea of your business and objectives, and what you want to focus on in the workshop. 


20-min introductory call

We’ll chat over the phone about your questionnaire, and you’ll be directed to grant us access to your existing Google Ads account for a thorough account audit.


Account audit 

We’ll audit your Google Ads account before the workshop, so we can be best prepared and up to date on your current campaigns and strategies.


60-minute call, recorded and sent to you

We’ll jump on a call to discuss the main priorities of your account and how best to get it on track for optimal profitably. 

*Note that this service is for customers already familiar with and preferably consistently using Google Ads. This is not a package to help you start from scratch.

Book workshop

Common topics

  • Conversion tracking
  • Campaign/ad group structure
  • Bid management
  • Bidding strategies
  • Campaign settings
  • Ad copy
  • Remarketing strategies
  • Negative keywords

No initial set-up fees

Monthly one-on-one calls

Unlimited calls & email support

Clear return on investment (ROI) goals

Quarterly strategy sessions

Live reporting dashboard

No lock-in contracts

No set-up fees

Who's this for?

Our Google Ads Account one-on-one Strategy Workshop is designed for small to mid-sized businesses who:

  • have an existing Google Ads account and are familiar with the platform
  • have an established product or service that has demonstrated consistent ability to sell
  • have a high-converting website that already generates online sales and leads (you’re just ready to add more fuel to the fire!)
  • have a decent, mobile-optimised website that promotes your products/services and includes genuine customer reviews or testimonials where possible
  • are willing to spend at least $1,000 per month on a Google Ads budget (this is paid directly to your Google Ads account and is additional to my initial fee)
  • have existing email marketing nurture campaigns set up (welcome sequences, abandon cart emails, and so on)



Ads budget
$500-$1,000 per month

This is paid directly to Google Ads and in addition to our monthly management fee.


Ads budget:
Up to $10,000 per month

This is paid directly to Google Ads and in addition to our monthly management fee.


Ads budget:
$10,000+ per month

This is paid directly to Google Ads and in addition to our monthly management fee.

Google Ads Campaigns
Up to 2 active campaigns
(Search, Shopping)
Up to 4 active campaigns
(Search, Shopping, Display)
Up to 6 active campaigns
(Search, Shopping, Display)

Tech set-up

Google Products Set-up (Google Analytics 4, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, Google Business Profile) and linking.
Google remarketing tag installed on your website.
Main ROI conversion (Primary) tracking configuration: form submissions, bookings, purchases, calls.
Other conversions (Secondary) tracking configuration
Offline conversion tracking (leads only)
Audience remarketing lists created
Merchant Centre account created (e-commerce only)
Google Product feed uploaded, approved and optimised in Google Merchant Centre (e-commerce only)
Landing page/s audit and recommendations

Campaign creation

Keyword research relevant to your target audience, messages, industry and strategy
Campaigns set-up as required by your business and strategies [Campaign types: Search (text ads on Google Search), Display (image ads on web pages other than Google Search) and Shopping (product ads on Shopping tab)]
Search campaigns
Shopping campaigns
< 30 products only
Display campaigns
Remarketing campaigns
Creating ad groups to organise your ads and keywords according to specific themes and audience targeting
Creating engaging advertising copy, including for Google’s ad ‘extensions’ variations, for each ad in your ad groups
Adding negative keywords and creating strategic negative keywords lists
Applying audience targeting to campaigns as necessary
Applying location targeting
Setting bids and bidding strategies (how you pay for clicks on ads)
Structuring budget across campaigns
Setting up necessary Google Ads’ ‘scripts’ (automated rules for reporting and quality assurance purposes)
Setting up ongoing Reporting dashboard for weekly optimisations

Campaign creation

Monitoring and improving performance of key elements of campaigns in line with account goals (key elements include: search terms, keywords, audiences, devices, locations, schedules, bidding strategies, budgets, product feed [e-commerce only].)
Ad copy testing for best-performing ad concepts and messages
Monthly report, live dashboard and report analysis with slidedeck.
Option to reduce management to ongoing maintenance.
Landing page A/B testing.
Set-up fee:
Ongoing fee billed monthly in advance:
From: $550 + GST
From $1,000 + GST
From $1,500 + GST

Book your Google Ads workshop

Book your 60-minute workshop on the calendar below.

We'll email you our pre-workshop questionnaire directly afterwards, and set up a time for our pre-workshop chat.

If you change your mind before your workshop, don't stress. We refund the full price of bookings cancelled 24 hours before your booking start time.

What my clients say

Erin's approach is methodical and data-driven, paying attention to the correct setup of analytics and conversion tracking and the subsequent monitoring and analysis of reports to drive audience targeting and ad content choices. Erin is highly skilled in the process and technologies of online advertising and approaches the task with integrity, honesty and a genuine desire to deliver positive results.

Tom Cameron

For over two years, Erin has been our trusted partner in Google Ads, and her straightforward and results-driven approach is truly invaluable. In one of our accounts, she not only doubled our lead count within the same budget but also significantly improved lead quality. Erin's expertise has had a remarkable impact on our campaigns.

Dan Scanlan

A Head Start / Amazing Education

Erin Haywood is a must for any business looking to grow their online brand and sales. We highly recommend Erin; she used Google Ads to effectively distribute our message to different target audiences and has had continued success achieving profitable conversions. Erin is a pleasure to work with.

Mike Walsh & Natalie Walsh

Walsh Gates

It's been clear from the start that Erin genuinely cares about our success. She takes the time to understand our business, explains her strategies clearly, and provides transparency about our ad spend and ROI. Her enthusiasm in sharing good results is infectious. Having an ads manager who genuinely cares brings us tremendous peace of mind.

Penbe Durdu