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Erin Haywood

Even the most enticing digital ad can fall flat if what follows the ad click doesn't live up to expectations. Below are our top PPC landing page best practices to help you craft the perfect follow-up to your digital advertisement.

Picture this: you’re on the hunt for a new pair of boots. While shopping, a sign outside a store catches your eye: '30% off boots'. Keen to bag a bargain, you head inside, expecting to see an obvious boots or sale section. Instead, boots are scattered everywhere throughout the store with no indication of which ones are on sale.

There’s no salesperson in sight, but you eventually find a pair that you like. There’s no information about size, material, or price, but, determined, you try them on anyway. They fit. Ready to pay, you learn the store only accepts cash. You only have your card. Frustrated, you leave empty-handed.   

While this scenario’s not super likely in the real world, it highlights an often overlooked truth in the online world: even the most enticing digital ad can fall flat if what follows the ad click doesn't live up to expectations. With platforms like Google Ads, which are designed to drive immediate action (like purchases or online form submissions), the page your audience lands on after clicking your ad matters just as much, if not more, than the ad itself.

Give your users what they’re looking for and good performance should follow.1

So, we’ve put together three critical areas for you to consider when assessing the quality of website and landing pages, and whether they are primed to achieve your advertising goals.

These are:

  1. your website’s overall ‘health’
  2. your website’s structure
  3. your website page content

Ps: Learn the difference between a landing page vs website page.

1. Website health

If any of these are lacking – speak to your website developer asap.

2. Website structure

  • Navigation: Is your website layout intuitive? Ensure clear navigation for easy browsing.
  • User experience (UX) design: The overall design and interface of your site should be user-friendly. This includes having easy-to-read fonts and clear paths for users to follow.
  • Lead form & sign-up process: Can users easily submit forms? Minimise the steps required for submission.
  • Purchase process: Is the checkout process straightforward and easy? Allow for purchases without mandatory account creation. Ensure you offer multiple different payment methods, minimise the number of checkout pages or steps, and prominently display payment logos to reassure and instil confidence in buyers.
  • Clear error messages: If a user fills out a form incorrectly or encounters an error, the messages should be clear and helpful, guiding them on what to do next.

3. Website content

  • Ad consistency: Does the content align with your advertisement? Ensure that visitors see exactly what they expected when clicking your ad.
  • Call To Actions* (CTAs). Are your CTAs enticing and clear? Aim for multiple CTAs with the primary one "above the fold," ensuring visibility even on mobile screens before scrolling.
  • Headline and content: Craft a compelling headline that addresses the user's interests ("What's in it for me?"). Focus on the benefits, not just features, of your product or service. Ensure consistent messaging between the advertisement and the landing page.
  • User experience: Provide clear, skimmable content. Aim for below an 8th-grade reading level for accessibility. Clearly state any conditions, like shipping details.
  • Offers and deals: If your ad highlights an offer, prominently feature it on the landing page.
  • Social proof: Testimonials, reviews, and case studies can bolster your credibility and influence conversions. Include these on your website pages wherever possible.
  • Visuals: Use high-quality, relevant images. Showcase payment logos or other symbols of authority to build trust.
  • Links: Limit the number of outgoing links to other pages, ideally to one or two. Keep users focused.

We won't run Google Ads for ourselves or our clients until we have confidence the relevant landing pages adhere to PPC landing page best practices as outline above. When you work with us, landing page optimisation is included in your ongoing management fee. Learn more about our Google Ads Management Services or book a no-cost, obligation-free Google Ads account audit.

1From Google.

*A Call to Action (CTA) is a prompt on a website that tells the user to take some specified action. A CTA is usually presented as a written command, such as 'Sign Up' or 'Buy Now,' and generally takes the form of a button or hyperlink. CTAs are designed to move a website visitor forward in the marketing funnel, turning them into a lead or customer. The action desired could be anything from subscribing to a newsletter, viewing a webinar, requesting additional information, making a purchase, or any other interaction the site owner wants to encourage.

What my clients say

Erin's approach is methodical and data-driven, paying attention to the correct setup of analytics and conversion tracking and the subsequent monitoring and analysis of reports to drive audience targeting and ad content choices. Erin is highly skilled in the process and technologies of online advertising and approaches the task with integrity, honesty and a genuine desire to deliver positive results.

Tom Cameron

For over two years, Erin has been our trusted partner in Google Ads, and her straightforward and results-driven approach is truly invaluable. In one of our accounts, she not only doubled our lead count within the same budget but also significantly improved lead quality. Erin's expertise has had a remarkable impact on our campaigns.

Dan Scanlan

A Head Start / Amazing Education

Erin Haywood is a must for any business looking to grow their online brand and sales. We highly recommend Erin; she used Google Ads to effectively distribute our message to different target audiences and has had continued success achieving profitable conversions. Erin is a pleasure to work with.

Mike Walsh & Natalie Walsh

Walsh Gates

It's been clear from the start that Erin genuinely cares about our success. She takes the time to understand our business, explains her strategies clearly, and provides transparency about our ad spend and ROI. Her enthusiasm in sharing good results is infectious. Having an ads manager who genuinely cares brings us tremendous peace of mind.

Penbe Durdu